The Lord Prepared our Marriage
Yat Ping Lee

I am a third generation Christian. Christianity has a great impact on me since childhood. Particularly I am mostly influenced by my grandfather's humble devotion to God. Though I went through the destruction of the Second World War and then received the education under the communist's evolution theory, I did not give up my belief in God.

God matched me with my wife in a very unusual way. In 1956 I met Wai-Fong in Canton. I was very poor and did not have any social status. Wai-Fong was at her prime of beauty. Very often, the match-makers proposed to her on behalf of the overseas Chinese. However, Wai-Fong accepted my proposal. She was from a Buddhist family. Strangely she was willing to attend church with me. We got married in 1959 in Hong Kong. Shortly after that she was baptized and became a member of Christ's family.

In 1975, we immigrated to New York with our son and daughter who were very young. We joined the First Chinese Presbyterian Church in Chinatown. We, like most of the immigrant families, worked very hard to earn a living. Our goal was to give a better life for our younger generation. God is merciful to us. Our children were doing well in school. They enjoyed church life. They still do in their adulthood.

In order to support the family, lover-worked and neglected my health. As a result, I had a stroke ten years ago. I lost my mobility and could not work after that. God gave me a faithful wife. She takes care of the household responsibility solely with no complaint. But for our Christian faith, I could not imagine what our marriage might turn into. In addition, I got colon cancer eight years ago. God saved my life again. I went through surgery, chemotherapy and long periods of recuperation. Gradually I had a full recovery. During those days, Wai-Fong had to look after me during many sleepless nights. And in the day time, she worked in a garment factory. I am very grateful for her and very thankful for God's grace.

Wai-Fong, due to long-time stress, got sick two years ago. She suffered from a minor stroke. A small vessel in her brain ruptured. When she was sent to the emergency room, I prayed to God earnestly. I asked God not to take her away from me. We have been married for 46 years. There is no single day we are apart. Our merciful God answered my prayer; Wai-Fong was out of danger under the care of the doctors. She was diagnosed and no operation was needed. The blood clog will eventually be absorbed by the brain tissue over time. How wonderful God is!

During her recovery, Wai-Fong was able to do some light duties at home. She lost her memories sometimes because of the blood clog. She often forgot to take her medication and even certain daily routines. God gave me an opportunity to help her. I kept a timetable for her medication and other housework. For years, Wai¬Fong carries the entire burden of the family. She must have been exhausted both physically and mentally. And God gave her the opportunity to slow down and also let me offer her spiritual support. We greatly treasure our marriage that is anew all the time. Our marriage was indeed prepared by God 46 years ago. May His name be glorified.

Remarks: During the time of my contracting colon cancer and Wai-Fong's minor stroke, we appreciated the prayers and the comforts from the brothers and sisters in this church. We really experience the love and closeness of being in Christ's family. In 2004 Elder Linda W.S. Chan invited us to transfer our membership to the Queens Chinese Presbyterian Church, we accepted it immediately. We love to be part of this church. May we strengthen and encourage each other in God's word.
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