God is our only Savior
Nora Wu 

I could not deny that I had failures in life when betrayal and cancer struck me within a span of two years. After I lost my castle of thirty-four years and as I began to dig myself out through the mess left behind, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I asked God humbly if! had not suffered enough yet. It seemed I was all alone fighting these losing battles. Followed by these unexplainable causes, I was overwhelmed with desperate anxiety and suffered the utmost depression, sadness and hopelessness in my life. It was an unpleasant autumn, surrounded by darkness and coldness. There was neither a glimpse of sunshine nor the beautiful sound of nature nearby. My world had been put to a stop. To wait! I did not know what I was waiting for. Did I wait for another hopeless day? I was faced with total lost, and hopelessness still closely followed me. If I did not have Jesus Christ as my Savior then, my hopelessness would be totally real and forever real.

Thanks be to my Lord, His mercy saved me again. He pulled me our of death's valley and nurtured me in His greatest forgiveness and mercy. On one cold and dark evening, under God's influence, I knelt down on the

floor and prayed loudly, " Dear God, regardless of the length and the number of days of my life I had left, I pray for Your mercy to remove the pain from me for I cannot take it any more. I emptied myself before Him with sorrow and gratitude and let Him come into mylife. He is my only Savior.

After a restful night, I awoke as usual. I realized immediately that I was replaced by a new mood. It was definitely a significant change. "Praise the Lord! You are wonderful. Thank You for Your mercy and I praise Your greatness. May You come arrd be my Lord and my King. Thank You for listening to my prayer. May Your gracious hands lead my way so I will not suffer another fall. May Your will be done. Amen."

God has helped me become stronger since. My burden has become lighter as He carried it for me. I began to be appreciative of everything around me and gradually enjoyed them more than ever. My life is neither heart-breaking for the loss nor frightened by my health anymore. I shall continue to learn by heart to be totally dependable and acceptable towards our Lord, for He is the only one who holds the future. He has prepared a place in heaven for us. Why do we still worry about tomorrow?

"Our heavenly Father, I thank You for Your unconditional love. You loved me first even though I did not deserve it, and further more You chose me to become Your child. Your precious blessing hallows my life abundantly on earth and into eternity. Amen."

I would like to extend my fond affection in Christ to all of you to share and cherish His love, to encourage each other to have a close relationship with our Lord. For my friends who are still considering, I invite you to make this decision about eternity as soon as possible. He is coming soon. May God's grace and love be with you and your loved ones always.

Greetings Friends

Nora Wu

When I first became aware of this assignment I was unsure of what to write. The truth is there is no amount of words that can describe in full the glory of God the Father Almighty. As days turned into weeks and the deadline drew near, I finally decided that I should simply write from my own heart. And with this in mind, allow me to say a few words regarding love, or in other words, God.

Simply put, love is a feeling. Whether it is love for a pet, a man's love for his wife (or vice versa), a mother's love for her children or a child's love for her/his parents, love is the same, through and through. I have been so very blessed by God in that I have been surrounded by love since birth. I am fully aware of family problems in the world - of broken families and distressed homes, which I have learned from friends who have been a part of such things. Thus, I can safely say that I have a rather good understanding of it.

There is a seemingly endless amount of evil in the world, but at the same time an even greater amount of God's unfailing and unwavering love. Let us not hide the truth; that ALL OF US are guilty of evilness, perhaps some more than others, but we are nonetheless all imperfect in the eyes of God. If Evil = The Devil, which it does, then the logical conclusion is that we have all had the devil in our hearts at one point. The same exact devil that caused 9/11, rape, murder, racism, sexual immorality and hate of every kind. Imagine for a moment, that you have had this vile and disgusting devil inside of YOU. It is indeed a scary thought and if left unattended, will continue to grow. The devil grows inside the hearts of the selfish and wicked, and, depending on our choices, may lead to the eternal fire.

But God's unfailing love does exactly as it says it does - that it does not, can not, and will not fail. For what can kill this horrible devil inside of us that makes us steal, lie longest of long shots. But because of God's love for me; because my mother loves God so very much, through her the Lord has helped me live again, this time not in the devil but in his precious son, Christ Jesus. I am so thankful to God for everything - my family, all the members of this church (including the youth group) and my friends, but in particular the concept of love.

By far I am still in the learning process, still trying to absorb the word of God on a daily basis, which has opened my eyes to the truth. His word has taught me that if you literally have nowhere left to turn, and you plead to him with your whole heat! for his forgiveness and guidance, he will not only not ignore you, but will fill you with his wonderful love. We ate sinful, yes. I am sinful, yes. But his goodness, word and love are more than enough to help us begin to truly live again. So after all of this, I have concluded for myself that not only is God so wonderful, good and ever merciful, but GOD IS BEAUTIFUL!
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