A Miracle
Pastor Ching Kwok Ho

I was on vacation in the summer of 1997. God called me once again and a prodigal son like me could not resist. First He ignited my spirit and urged me to pursue His words. In my devotion, I shared David's feeling in Psalms 19: 10 "They are sweeter than honey". I could not stop reading the bible and through His word, I was enlightened. (Psalms 119: 1 05) In my prayers, I heard God's calling, "Where do you go?" "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" (Isaiah 6:8). The soft voice of God made my spirit vibrated and awakened. I recalled my enthusiasm when I accepted Jesus many years ago. But now I lived in darkness, wrong against my friends and family, wrong against my Lord. I cried out to God for what I had done. "Dear Father, have mercy on me!

Forgive my sin!" However, it is not easy to accept the light having lived in the darkness for so long.
When I was still hesitating, God made me come across a friend whom I had lost touch for many years.
She had. accepted Jesus and also completed' a degree in theological education> And she was serving in a church. Being inspired by her dedication, my hardened heart was finally softened. That night at home I collapsed in front of the Lord, "Dear God, I am willing to follow you. Please send me." But where did He send me? Did I have any chance after coming to America for over twenty years? My last job in church was in Hong Kong where I worked for more than ten ye1irs after graduating from seminary. But I was not ordained. How am I able to serve in a church here? God is amazing! He makes things possible in his hand. I came across Rev. Matthew Lui, a classmate in college, who was the pastor of the First Chinese Presbyterian Church of New York and also the moderator of the Queens Chinese Presbyterian Church (QCPC). After talking to him about my vision, he called a meeting with the elders of QCPC and offered me a job in this church.
I happened to run away from God as a deserter over the past twenty years and it seemed that I was heading towards a dead end. However God of all mercy and all mighty captured me from further deserting. He did not condemn me but granted me his forgiveness. In addition, He gave me an opportunity to serve Him. I am home again with a heart felt joy, peace and praise. It is such a wonderful blessing!
I have been working at the QCPC for over seven years. I am thankful for God's grace and guidance. In addition, I am thankful for the support and caring of the elders, brothers and sisters. I feel that I am weak and sometimes make mistakes. The encouragement and support from our brothers and sisters help me to stand up again to serve our Lord.
In the past seven years, because I am not an ordained pastor and regulations of the Presbytery, I find it difficult to move forward despite of much planning and proposals. It is like the disciples' hard work overnight,
"...but that night, they caught nothing. One tries hard and does not get expected result is very disheartening. Is it God's will or He ignores it completely? In fact, God gives me a lesson of being patient. We all know that the disciples, though, did not catch anything, they met Jesus on the shore early next morning. It said, "Early in the morning, Jesus stood on the shore, but the disciples did not realize that it was Jesus." (John 21 :4). The disciples, very experienced fishermen, tried so hard overnight but they did not catch anything. It is all in God's plan. God did not leave them. He watched over them all night. When they listened and obeyed what Jesus told them to do, "When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish." (John 21 :6). l Iearn from the scripture that it is useless to do it just with one's own determination and effort. Or we may be boastful of a tiny achievement. It does not please God. It is important that God is with us and by His resurrection power, nothing is impossible.
It is truly a miracle that I repented because of His calling. It is also a miracle that I met God. Are you aware of God's miracle in your life?
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